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With the volume of writing and communication  grade papers in decline in the Western hemisphere, paper companies are working to find ways to diversify, cut costs and remain profitable. This trend is feeding demand for image analysis software from Verity IA.

The news from the traditional white paper industry continues to be disappointing. The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has warned that four mills and 13 paper-making machines will close in the UK this year, according to an article in Materials Recycling World. North America is faring about the same.

For example, the Portland-based Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Union counted 24,000 members in Oregon and neighboring states in the early 1980s. Within the last four years they are now down to just under 5,000.

However, interest in Verity IA’s analysis software continues to climb. “We are hearing from professionals in the paper industry who are outside of the white paper manufacturers,” states Gary Wood, Director of Sales at Verity IA. “With our software, you can analyze almost any kind of paper product including linerboard, coated and uncoated containerboard and tissue. However, what is beginning to happen is very interesting.”

Mr. Wood reports that other industries, including some that are completely outside the paper industry, are showing interest in the software. “If it can be scanned into a digital image, we can analyze it.” states Kevin Brandt, Director of Technology. “We have had inquiries from industries that we completely did not expect. Nonwovens, tile and specialty functional planar substrate industries have all realized the potential of our software to help them analyze their products, improve quality and reduce defects.”

“With our expanded support infrastructure, completed this year,” notes Bill Gilgenbach, President of Verity IA, “we are now able to support a larger base of customers from various industries giving all of our customers the service they need to get the most out of our analysis software.” He continued, “MarketWatch recently reported that the global specialty paper market including packaging and labeling is expected to reach $26.2 billion by 2022. Verity IA is well positioned to help growing manufacturers in that sector and other sectors with their image analysis needs.”

Verity IA software saves time in testing visible qualities for product development, laboratory research and mill process quality control. The Verity IA SFDA visual variability analysis is unique in the paper and print industries for quantifying visual phenomena.