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Verity IA introduced the StripScan system to improve efficiency in today’s production environment. Instead of manually cutting multiple letter-sized sheets to put on a desktop scanner, with the StripScan, and entire machine-width reel strip can be scanned to yield defect data across the web. However, the resulting test data were presented in complex detail, and multiple Excel spreadsheets required naming and cataloging.

So Verity IA developed a test operation with the busy quality lab technician in mind. A new interface and data handling routines have greatly simplified test operation. Now the test technician loads the reel strip into the scanner, enters the specimen identifier into the new StripScan user interface, and clicks on the Start button. The Verity IA StripScan system runs the scan and generates all the detail data, ending with a simple data summary screen showing the key data needed to be recorded and logged.

The detail data is still recorded to Excel spreadsheets, but these are data stamped and are automatically filed by the specimen identifier for later recall as needed. In addition, the large image files generated by the scan are archived to a designated data farm for storage and management behind the scene. Both the Excel data and its related strip image can be recalled by quality management personnel at a later date or as needed, while the test operators can simply focus on the proper operation of the reel strip tests.

If you need defect quantification, you need Verity IA StripScan, designed with your busy production environment in mind.