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Verity IA Board Formation

Producers of small caliper, lightweight materials have been able to get Formation readings for years, from test instruments using visible light, but this was not possible for Board makers UNTIL NOW!

Test for formation in paperboard products, using the Verity IA Formation Image Analysis.

The test combines a radiographic image with the Verity IA Formation Image Analysis software to produce data on Board Formation, useful for product development and process control and analysis.

Single Scan Operation

Yields Board Formation Data
Board Inclusions
Items Can Be Counted & Quantified

The Verity IA Difference

Established Process for Producing Formation Images & Analysis of Paperboard Products

Materials Measured

Linerboard & Paperboard
Heavy Paper Grades

What's Included

Verity IA Board Formation Software
Optional Large-format Scanner
On-site Training is Recommended

Who Uses It:

Linerboard makers, recycled paperboard manufacturers, makers of heavy paper grades and card stock, and product development testers.

Hardware Needed:

A standard PC with Windows 7 and Microsoft Excel installed.  The digitized images are high-resolution, so the resulting image files are very large, thus requiring significant PC memory and disk capacity.

Large-format flatbed scanner.

Click below to see our recommended hardware specifications.


A large-format high resolution flatbed scanner is useful for the on-site analysis of the radiographic images.  Verity IA can supply a scanner with a 18” x 24” scan area..

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