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Verity IA InkJet Print

A Verity IA target is printed on a subject substrate with a designated printer.

The printed target is scanned on a flatbed scanner and the Verity IA software produces a detailed report on multiple conditions of bleed and wicking.

Multiple wicking conditions are setup for analysis, including ink-on-substrate and ink-on-ink conditions.  Large areas are printed and analyzed for print mottle.

The software establishes a substrate reference condition and applies this to the mottle, bleed and wicking results.

Rapid Data Acquisition

Verity IA Is The Fastest and Easiest To Use Ink Jet Print Analyzer Available

The Verity IA Difference

A multi-threshold automated analysis describes wicking and bleed by stages, not just the end result.

Materials Measured

Paper Grades, All Types
Linerboard and Paperboard
Coated Paper and Board

What's Included

Verity IA InkJet Print software
Optional Large-Format Flatbed Scanner

Who Uses It:

Paper makers, converters, chemical suppliers, board makers, coating operations, print test labs, university researchers, ink jet engine and ink producers

Product Development

Rapid and consistent data acquisition speeds product development testing.

Hardware Needed:

A flatbed scanner with a stable light source and vibration-free operation

A standard PC with Windows 7 and Microsoft Excel installed.

Click below to see our recommended hardware specifications.


Verity IA can recommend appropriate models, and can supply the scanner with the order.   Verity IA can also supply a scanner with a 18” x 24” bed to accommodate larger specimens.

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