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Verity IA StripScan

Not only do you get the classic speck and particle identifier of Light & Dark, but you also get the added feature of Full Reel Strip Image Capture, using a wide-format scanner.


It’s no longer necessary to cut the strip into small samples for individual scanning.


StripScan can scan and test a full machine width reel strip and return results in under 2 minutes.

Totals Reported In Excel

Total Count & PPM
Average Circularity of Speck
Area Covered by Specks
Average Area of Speck

The Verity IA Difference

3 Different Speck Types In 1  Scan:
•Dark Object – Light Background
•Light Object – Dark Background
•Special Conditions – Color, Size, Shape, Luminosity

Materials Measured

Paper & Board reel strip samples
(Up to 24″ width max)
Stiff board (Up to 15mm thick)
Coated Paper and Board
Non-woven Materials

What's Included

Verity IA StripScan software
Wide-format scanner & stand
On-site installation and training

Who Uses It:

Paper and paperboard manufacturers, non-woven materials manufacturers, coated board makers, container-board and craft paper manufacturers.

Production Quality Control

Your test operators are busy as it is.  No need to cut small samples for manual dirt counting.  Save testing time by making a single scan of the entire reel strip, obtaining data on up to 3 types of defects.

Hardware Needed:

Requires an engineering-grade wide format scanner supplied by Verity IA.
2 models of scanners are available depending on the material to be scanned.

Any standard PC with Windows 7 and a copy of Excel loaded, but with the large size of the images being handled, Verity IA recommends a large hard drive and large internal memory to keep the operation from being bogged down.


Verity IA help determine the type of scanner needed based on material caliper and stiffness. Board products up to 15mm thick can be scanned. Additionally, highly flexible paper and non-woven materials, such as medical gown materials, can also be scanned.

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