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The Science

Formation Analysis in Paperboard and Liner Board

Distribution of mass, or “Formation” is a critical property that influences strength properties, cockle and curl. Formation, using transmitted light, has been done on white paper for years but has been unavailable to paperboard and liner board due to ...

Surface Topography Correlation in Coated Board

The correlation data presented in this paper were obtained as part of a wider study of RFID print on coated Solid Bleached Board which was presented by Mario Cruz at the TAPPI Coating conference. The objectives of that study were to determine if the roughness...

Gloss Mottle Measurements

It is possible to measure the degree of mottle present in very low contrast full color digital images. The methods employed and the results of tests used in the measurement are presented. In order to encourage the adoption of an international standard...

Ink Jet Print Quality and Human Perception

Using a combination of panel evaluation and quantitative printed image analysis, a direct relationship between visual perception and paper quality control has been made.

Measuring Wicking in Ink Jet Paper

The image analysis (IA) techniques described in this work uses an established statistical method (Standard Deviation) coupled with a standard IA measurement procedure

Mottle Measurement of Wet Trap, Back Trap and Other Images

A single objective mottle measurement is described that relates to the full subjective range of visible mottle from “Graininess” to “Patchiness” and multi-color “Wet Trap” to produce a single number ranking mottle within both large and small areas...

Back Trap and Half-tone Mottle Measurement With Stochastic Frequency Distribution Analysis

A spatially sensitive stochastic frequency distribution analysis software algorithm, operating in a graphic arts quality scanner based image analysis system, has been applied to offset printed images.

Pattern Measurement Theory

A explanation of the theory behind the Verity IA Stochastic Frequency Distribution Analysis algorithm, which is a key science differentiating Verity IA.

Predicting Mottle with Topography Measurement

A new instrument for the measurement of surface topography, known as “Verity IA Topography”, has been introduced. This instrument objectively quantifies and ranks the surface topography of paper and board and can also quantify the degree of mottle pre...

Stochastic Frequency Distribution Analysis as Applied to Mottle Measurement

In any mottled digital image, the Stochastic Frequency Distribution Analysis (SFDA) algorithm measures the two dimensional rate of change in luminance values, or transitions between light and dark, from one are to the next. It is also responsive to...

Topography & Mottle: Verity IA and Rochester Institute of Technology

A New Topography Measurement Using Modified Scanner & Results Correlation to Print Mottle